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11:30-14:30pm / 17:30-22:30pm(Closed on Sun) Amoy Branch : 6226-0450 / China Square Central Branch : 6225-2646


98 Amoy
China Square Central


Korean BBQ Restaurant
It was inspired by the new “Retro” trend in Korea.
Seeking back to the days in the 80’s when food was simple and tasteful and place where people come to meet, drink, talk and be happy!
The décor is very authentic and tasteful, bringing you back to the time when food brought families and friends together. The reason why the taste is so authentic is because the establishment is not willing to compromise on quality and using only charcoal.
When you walk into this restaurant, you really walk into a part of Korea.
The combination of the food, drink, service and the atmosphere has made Wang Dae Bak an important part of the new Korean food trend in Singapore.
This place catches the latest Korean trend of using real charcoal and high quality meat for their BBQ dishes.
Let’s have fun and good time in Wang Dae Bak!

Wang Dae bak

WangDaeBakAmoy Branch

Amoy Street
98 Amoy st, S069918

+65 6226-0450

WangDaeBakChina Branch

China Square Central
22 Cross St #01-64, S048423

+65 6225-2646